VaynerMedia’s Holiday Party – 10 Year Anniversary


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VaynerMedia’s Holiday Party – 10 Year Anniversary

In the heart of New York City, the celebration for VaynerMedia’s 10-year anniversary and corporate holiday bash was a whirlwind of elegance and casual charm. Nestled in a converted warehouse, now pulsing with energy, guests from around the globe, representing VaynerMedia’s offices in London, LA, and Singapore, gathered under the banner of the “high-low” theme. The dichotomy of red-carpet glamour and cozy pajama chic set the tone for an evening of vibrant contrasts. As attendees poured in, they were greeted by a spectrum of attire, from sleek tuxedos to plush robes, embodying the spirit of the theme. Inside, the warehouse was transformed into a dynamic nightclub, alive with performances by singers, rappers, and surprise appearances from beloved brands like the iconic Kool-Aid man. Employees, both seasoned and new, took to the stage, their laughter and camaraderie filling the air as they danced and reveled in the company’s achievements over the past decade. Amidst the flicker of city lights and the pulsating beats, bonds were strengthened, memories were made, and the spirit of VaynerMedia shone brighter than ever before. Throughout the venue, reminders of VaynerMedia’s core values adorned the stage, DJ booth, and step-and-repeat backdrop, ensuring that the essence of the company permeated every corner of the celebration. This unforgettable holiday party and 10-year company anniversary was a testament to a decade of hard work, innovation, and the enduring spirit of celebration.



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