Malibu Summer Soiree


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Malibu Summer Soiree

Step into the vibrant world of our Malibu bridal shower, where summer’s zest meets sophistication. Our summer soirée featured a captivating charcuterie wall, a modern twist on tradition, adorned with artisanal meats, cheeses, and fresh fruits—a culinary display for a one of a kind celebration. Against a backdrop of vibrant hues and playful decor, our event palette echoed the carefree spirit of summer, setting the stage for an unforgettable celebration. Lush greenery and citrus accents added elegance to tie the bridal shower theme together. Guests indulged in mini charcuterie boards, hand-calligraphed with the day’s menu, while laughter and joy filled the air. At Stone Mountain Estate in Malibu taking in the stunning view, guests toasted to the bride-to-be, capturing the essence of summer in every moment.

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