Luxury Planning Tips from a Beverly Hills Hotel Wedding Planner

Introduction: Hey there, fabulous couples! If you’re dreaming of a wedding that’s dripping in luxury and sophistication, look no further than the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel. I’ve got some insider tips to share with you to make your Beverly Hills Hotel wedding stunning, romantic, elegant, and truly extraordinary.

  1. Prioritize White-Glove Service: Let’s start with the basics, babes. When it comes to planning a luxury wedding at the Beverly Hills Hotel, exceptional service is non-negotiable. That’s why I always recommend working with the pros, like Tracey and Maria from the catering and events team. They are a dream to work with and truly know their stuff, and their attention to detail is off the charts. Trust me, they’ll make sure every moment of your big day is absolute perfection.
  2. Make a Statement with Florals and Design: Now, let’s talk about the wow factor. Your wedding at the Beverly Hills Hotel deserves to be a floral and design masterpiec. Partner up with an amazing florist and designer who can bring your vision to life in full bloom. Think lush centerpieces, jaw-dropping floral installations, and Instagram-worthy decor that’ll have your guests swooning from the moment they walk in.
  3. Light Up the Night with Candles (But Get Those Permits!): Picture this: a romantic candlelit ceremony or reception at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Sounds dreamy, right? Well, it is, but here’s the tea – you’ll need to snag some permits for those candles. Don’t worry, though. Your girl (that’s me!) will handle all the nitty-gritty details so you can focus on being the glowing bride or groom you were born to be.
  4. Deck Out the Iconic Spaces: Let’s not forget about those iconic Beverly Hills Hotel spots that are practically begging to be Instagrammed. From the grand staircase in the lobby to the lush gardens and courtyards, these places are practically made for epic wedding moments. With a little help from yours truly, we’ll deck them out in style with chic decor that’s sure to impress.
  5. Infuse Your Personality into Every Detail: Last but not least, let’s make this wedding uniquely you. Whether it’s custom monogrammed stationery, personalized favors, or a signature cocktail that screams “you,” let’s sprinkle in some personality and make this celebration one for the books.

So, there you have it, loves. Planning your luxury wedding at the Beverly Hills Hotel is going to be the most incredible experience. Ready to turn those dreams into reality? Let’s chat, darling. Your Beverly Hills Hotel wedding awaits!



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