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There is something about cherry blossoms… when you see these beautiful blossoms it is the mark of spring, a transport to Paris, even. Kim Kardashian recognized the significance and beauty of these blossoms and I did too. It is why I invested in large cherry blossom tree rentals and wedding trees for my business and they are more popular than ever.. Why? Because they are beautiful, whimsical, and romantic to look at.. guests are mesmerized by them.


Here are the top 4 reasons to use cherry blossom trees or wedding trees in your next event/wedding:


#1: They celebrate spring! Cherry blossoms reach their full peak around April 4th (although peak bloom varies each year). These beautiful blooms symbolize a new, beautiful season, and are perfect for a spring wedding. I actually can not think of anything more perfect than pink cherry blossoms or wedding trees for a wedding in the Spring.


#2: Transform a venue! Wedding Trees and Cherry blossom trees can totally transform a venue from start to finish. They add height and their width take up so much space, they can add to a beautiful ceremony, cover the less attractive walls in the venue space, and are so enchanting to look at you feel like you are in a blossoming heaven.


#3: They are a statement piece! If you are doing minimal decor elsewhere but want to have a statement piece — wedding trees , especially cherry blossoms are a go-to! If you have a stage or ceremony alter decor, or an escort card display, using a cherry blossom tree is a beautiful statement piece. They command attention is the softest, most beautiful way.


#4: They double as a backdrop! No matter how you plan to display the cherry blossom trees, guests will take photos with them! Guests will use the trees as a beautiful backdrop to their photos. Why? Because they are gorgeous and memorable, and are essential to photograph.


Wedding Trees – cherry blossoms


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