1. Artistic edible displays.

Creating “Food Art” is a huge attention grabber for your wedding guest. This can be from your dessert table to your food spread.


  1. Food spread for guest.

Couples will opt for informal food spreads for their wedding guest. This will create an experience and the guest will be able to try a little bit of everything, instead of sticking to one food option.


  1. Food Stations.

This year food stations will be a major hit at weddings. From the Tea bar to the guacamole bar and even popcorn bar. This is a great way to ditch the traditional plated or buffet style meals.


  1. Wedding décor.

Velvet will be a popular fabrication this year in 2019; it creates warmth and a cozy atmosphere.


  1. Now, let’s talk Fashion!

You’ll expect to see polka dot veils, asymmetrical wedding gowns, jumpsuits and pants suits for your modern day bride, short and long capes and plunging V neckline.


  1. Ditching the traditional metallic.

The trending metallic color you’ll see in 2019 is copper. It makes your wedding décor more modern and versatile, instead of going for your more traditional silvers, gold and rose gold.


  1. For the Boho Brides.

Look out for plants in ceramic or wooden boxes for centerpieces. This creates an earthier and more nature inspired element to your wedding décor.


There will be three different types of personalized paper goods trending in 2019! Water painting boarders and envelope lining. Acrylic water painting stationary will truly be a modern day paper good. With its gloss finishes it’ll truly be worth your guest keeping your invites after the wedding is over. At last, the 3D decorative stationary, this over the top invitation will definitely Wow your wedding guest. It’s a new trend that will to set you a part from other couples.


  1. The Cake.

Strong bold colors such as the jewel tones will be trending for 2019, deconstructive cake and the naked cake is gone! However, you’ll see a semi naked decorative cake in 2019 with sugar floral and dripping effects will still stay around.


  • Environmental Design.

Thanks to the royal weddings in 2018, you’ll see this year couples will opt for a more environment friendly wedding. Going plastic free, recycled paper for stationary and earthier color tones to make the wedding décor complete. Minimalism will be the key word of 2019!