Marriage Proposal + Surprise Engagement Party
Congrats Robert & Krystal!

Hi Loves! If you didn’t already read the Marriage Proposal post for Robert & Krystal, you may be a bit confused reading this so please go back and take a quick peak if you haven’t.

NOW…If that marriage proposal wasn’t already tear jerking, jaw dropping, and [insert any other crazy emotional response here, lol], then get ready for the surprise engagement party!

Guests arrived to the surprise party right after the Marriage Proposal, where the family home was completely transformed into a beautiful, romantic celebration!

First of all- let’s acknowledge the fact that 80+ people kept this entire proposal and engagement a SECRET from Krystal. I am impressed.

NOW… here are the deets!

As soon as guests walk past a candle lit entryway from the sidewalk, give their name to security at the door, they are greeted by 2 beautiful shot girls. The shot girl on the right has a beautiful tray of tequila, the shot girl on the left has a beautiful tray of vodka…guests must pick a shot (or two!) to drink as they enter to get the party started. Robert emphasized one MAJOR detail of this event – everyone must drink and have a good time, and you better believe our team was going to deliver!

Below you will find video, photos, and clips of this entire experience, where you will feel like you were there!

Surprise Engagement Party

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