Hi loves!

Planning a corporate event in Santa Monica? I am here to help! I mean you can always stop reading this blog and email me to set a time to discuss your event, as I reply within 24 hours – nicole@dreamsindetail.com. Otherwise, feel free to read below for some highly recommended corporate event venues in Santa Monica, specifically for your year end company holiday party.

Santa Monica event planners all know about these venues, but having special contacts at each space gives priority to us while picking the date (yay!) – it also gives us more negotiation room. As you can imagine, Santa Monica is a bit pricey, but the venues are unparalleled.



Why not have it all? This space is drop dead gorgeous and will give your guests the major “WOW FACTOR”. Not only is this space versatile, it is stunning on it’s own so you will be able to cut costs on items like the décor and apply those funds elsewhere. This venue is full of glamour!




The Victorian is an amazing venue for both corporate events and weddings. I especially love the look and feel during December. This venue can fit up to 1500 guests. There’s plenty of room both indoors and out for a sit-down reception or elegant buffet. The intimate main dining room features an octagonal enclave framed by tall windows, perfect for a VIP table. A line of French doors opens to the terrace, where guests sit among trees that seem to grow right up from the wooden floor and through the lattice work canopy. The terrace is enclosed for warmth and comfort, and guests are soothed by the sound of a nearby waterfall.




This event space is highly sought after so it is important to book early if you are locked in on an exact event date. The polished beachfront hotel offering elegant dining is available for corporate events, holiday parties, and more. The pictures do not do this venue justice -it is literally right on the beach, what can get better than that?