My absolute favorite, most emotional “First Look” moment

Hi loves! I am excited to not only share this wedding (in a future post), but this amazing FIRST LOOK. I may be a bit biased because Eric is my old friend from high school and now his wife Jacquelyn is too! Yay! 😊 But, I will let you be the judge of that once you see his reaction BEFORE HE HAS EVEN SEEN HER. Ladies, this “first look” is something that you can only dream of! We ALL want or secretly hope that our fiancée cries (happy tears) when we are walking down the aisle, but the first look? That is hitting the wedding jackpot! Below is a quick video of the moments before the first-look.

You will see my friend and client, Eric, become emotional as he waits in anticipation, knowing the first look is going to happy at any minute.

Go ahead, loves! Take a look at the quick video and the photos. Stay tuned for more pictures and video of this beautiful San Diego Wedding, at the Estancia La Jolla Hotel.