Meet Nicole Harris, Owner & Creative Director of Dreams In Detail

Hi loves! You’re visiting the website, you may have checked out my Instagram, but do you feel like you know me yet? Because I create highly personal and innovative events, it is important that I establish trust with my clients because I want to give them MORE than what they want, and I need them to trust me to do so… that starts by getting to know each other. And after your event (should I have the pleasure to work with you), we will feel like friends…wait, not friends… family.

Here are some weird and not-so-weird facts about me:

  • I am a workaholic… Good for you. Bad for me haha. I am currently writing this blog post at 3:39 AM on a Sunday and I am not ashamed.
  • I get a pink gel mani/pedi 99% of the time. I only change up the color if my nail artist pressures me to. To my defense, I switch up the shades of pink on occasion!
  • I owe everything to my parents and my nana. I credit my success, my adaptability, open mind, and ability to deeply connect with others to them and God.
  • I think I am SOOOOO hilarious. I tell jokes, laugh, add levity to tense situations and pick fun at most things. Oh, and I am in love with memes.
  • I am obsessed with Gossip Girl! OBSESSED.
  • For the past year I have a puppy picked out in my head. His name is Chipotle and he is a maltipoo. I don’t have him yet, nor have I found him, but he has my heart.
  • I make really good shrimp tacos. Like food network good. Other than that, I am pretty hopeless in the kitchen.
  • I have had the same core best friends since elementary school – we all live in difference cities now, but no matter the distance, they are always there.
  • One of my favorite countries on earth is France (and Monaco). Paris, Monaco, Cannes, Saint-Tropez – ahhh so perfect! Go immediately and tell me all about it! Better yet, let me send you my itinerary!
  • My boyfriend, Imari, swears I can’t dance. But I assure you, I CAN. And you’ll probably see it at your event.
  • My little sister, Alexis, is my baby and my best friend. She is the closest thing I have to a twin or a diary.
  • My favorite quote is “Bloom where you are planted” – I interpret that as where ever you go, flourish, slay, and be your best self, no matter what.
  • GIRL POWER. That goes without saying but I am all about girl power and doing the impossible. You go glen coco!
  • If you truly read all these facts about me, I would love to say hi! Please, be brave, send me a message, I would love to get to know you too! Email to or follow me on Instagram and send me a DM to chat @nicoleharris_