If you’ve already decided against having an unplugged wedding and have chosen to share your wedding socially with your own wedding hashtag, you must include your hashtag on your wedding day so that guests are aware. It is important to share your hashtag with your guests so that they can use it to post photos!

Inform your loved ones that this wedding is meant to be shared publicly, including social media! It is important that your guests know that this is not an unplugged wedding. But how do you inform them? You include your wedding hashtag in a few touches at your wedding – and you make sure this is easy to see at areas where you know guests will take note.

Another way to get your loved one’s early exposure to your hashtag, would be to post photos with your wedding hashtag so guests can follow along during your engagement and entire planning process leading up to the big day.

If you have created a wedding hashtag, I am sure you have though long and hard about the perfect one – now it’s time to share…



FIRST THINGS FIRST… On your save-the-date! Post, Post, Post! As soon as you have found the hashtag that is just right, with the perfect rhyme, or pun, or classic combination of your names, POST IT! When you have determined your hashtag and start to post, this will encourage guests to post as well. Set the tone by doing this with the save-the-date cards. Then begin gradually documenting and sharing your planning from start to finish – it is fun for guests to follow along and eventually contribute during your wedding festivities.


Add it to your wedding website! It is best practice for any additional information and logistics to be included on the wedding website – and it is a great place to share your wedding hashtag, too!

A MUST at your ceremony entrance. When guests arrive to your wedding they have not have remembered your wedding hashtag (even though you have done a great job adding this to your wedding website and posting social media photos of the process) – so it is important to have this as soon as guests arrive to your ceremony! If you aren’t having an unplugged ceremony and have decided not to discourage photos during the ceremony, then make sure your wedding hashtag is present to encourage guests to share freely. The best way to do this is by having a welcome sign with your wedding hashtag or a sign that clearly displays your wedding hashtag for guests to see upon arrival.

On your bar… or event better, BARS. Guests will be waiting in line at the bar and they will take note of signage like a signature drink menu. It is a great idea to plug in your wedding hashtag here as guests will not miss it!

On your late-night snack or favor stickers or tags. Place or stick your hashtag to the covers on your sweets at the end of the night with huge thanks from you both. If you are having a late-night snack to substitute for the favors, place the sticker on the outside of the food wrapping or substitute the original logo for your hashtag.

Some couples decide to have an unplugged wedding – if that is the case then the above information does not apply. BUT – If you have decided to make your wedding a social celebration then share share share, and post post post! Your wedding hashtag should be known, celebrated, and posted. The best part about sharing your hashtag is looking over the photos like an album during your honeymoon to reminisce and enjoy the wedding all over again!