When planning a launch party you’ll need a checklist of things before getting started, here are 11 steps to planning your upcoming launch party!



  1. Create a budget.

Creating a budget is one of the top things you’ll need to come up with first. Knowing exactly how much you would like to spend on your launch party is very crucial.


  1. Creating a guest list.

When creating your guest list you’ll need to include key people within your industry and the appropriate press.


  1. Choosing the perfect venue.

This can literally make or break your launch party, having the perfect location will be the key component to hosting your launch party and it has to speak to your brand identity.


  1. Plan for a menu.

Personalized menus are great options to have. Food trucks or opting for food that’s cooked on site is a great option as well. It’s probably best to stay away from plated menu options, as you would want a more of a mix and mingle vibe at your launch party (if that’s the vibe you’re going for).


  1. Bar service.

Personalize signature cocktails are fun and creative for your launch party!


  1. Knowledgeable Staff.

Hiring a knowledgeable staff that is experienced with launch parties is a must. It’s beneficial to have because everything throughout your party will run very smoothly with a knowledgeable staff on deck.


Hire a DJ or a performer for your party, having entertainment will keep your guest engaged and will force them to stick around longer.


  1. Choose a theme.

Choosing a theme that goes hand in hand with your brand. Of course you don’t want to lose sight of what your promoting but it’s always great to choose a color scheme and a theme with your brand so that everything looks cohesive.


Who doesn’t like free stuff? This is a great tactic to keep your guest from leaving your party too early. Planning for giveaways such as raffles, thank you bags, or even a contest will keep your guest highly engaged.


Creating and handing out timelines will ensure yourself and your staff of what to expect for the entire launch party and will keep everything and everyone on track during the entire event.

  • Being Proactive with a plan B option.

Nothing is ever perfect, something always tend to go wrong! Whether it’s the food, the venue, the music whatever the case may be, it’s always good to have a contingency plan.