How to Plan a Corporate Event On a Budget

Company events are imperative for instilling a sense of comradery within your employees, celebrating your successes, and for networking opportunities! It is important for companies to do this even on a smaller scale. I am happy to give advice and tips to help companies big and small stick to the budget and keep costs low.

After all, as a corporate events planner los angeles, that is apart of my job description. I operate as a partner with my clients and will ensure that the budget is in control throughout the entire planning process. Here are my top 3 tips to plan a budget-friendly corporate event:



Your venue, especially in larger cities like LA, SF, or NYC, will cost a pretty penny. It is important to book these locations early, negotiate pricing, and honestly, if your budget is really tight, host your event in your office space. You can repurpose a conference room and rearrange furniture to create the space you needed for your event. Dedicate a room or area for catering to prep from (ideally the kitchen, if available). There are a few art galleries and museums that should be available as well – look into those in the area – some are FREE.



stationary, mailing/postage takes longer AND it is way more expensive than creating a FREE online invitation. Invites can RSVP and even add a comment – this makes the process more efficient as it removes steps.



You can make your event at a time where lunch or dinner is not expected, where light hors devourers are served and drinks are available. It is important to take several catering bids to find out the company that is willing to work with your price point, while still attending the tasting to be sure the food is to satisfaction.These tips are directly from a corporate events planner los angeles, and more Inspo and tips can be found on Instagram here: click here!