Hi loves! Planning a corporate event in any city can have it’s challenges – but LOS ANGELES challenges are a bit more “UNIQUE”. With so many events constantly happening in the entertainment industry, privately, and for corporations, it is tough to reserve a venue on your preferred date in this city.


Luckily, I am a corporate event planner listed for priority at the most sought-after venues AND I have a list only available to clients of up and coming and exclusive venue spaces in the LA area – many of which with outstanding views.


Here are 3 of my top tips for planning a corporate event in Los Angeles:

STEP #1 – HIRE A CORPORATE EVENT PLANNER. I know, I know, it does very biased but the entire goal of planning a corporate event is for employees to be recognized and appreciated for their hard work. Giving the tremendous responsibly and added stress to HR, or an administrator is taxing on their work and while they are at the event, they will still feel like they are working because indeed they will still be working. Your corporate event planner will help you prioritize step #2.

STEP #2 – CREATE A BUDGET AND STICK TO IT. Be very transparent with your planner (or organizer) about your budget so that everyone is efficiently working. You do not want to waste time viewing venues or speaking with bands who are totally outside of your budget range – this will cause you to fall in love (figuratively, of course), with venues, services, and vendors that you can not afford. It is best to know your min and max and look at a couple of vendors in between your range so you can compare. When creating a budget I make a pie chart with my clients of what is most important. Do we want to spend 70% on the food because the quality is a high priority, or are we going to set aside 50% of the budget to décor because we want to totally transform the space? These are imperative questions to ask as it will play a part in the success of your event.

STEP #3 – FIND A VENUE AND PUT DOWN A DEPOSIT ASAP. So many people are shopping around for venues all of the time. At the end of the year, the December dates are incredibly hard to find. So much so companies who are not proactive in locking down a venue with a deposit, have to change their date around to accommodate the limited ability of their ideal event space – or worse, they will have to “Settle” for their 2nd, 3rd, or 4thvenue choice.

Thank you for reading! You’ve made it this far in the blog, loves, might as well view a couple of corporate events planned and designed in Los Angeles. Feel free to send me an email to inquire about the venue, our services for design/décor, and/or planning – nicole@dreamsindetail.com.