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The most wonderful time of the year will be here faster than we know it and it’s time to begin planning! Our team specializes at company holiday party planning. We listen to each one of our clients and partner with them to exceed their expectations, celebrate the year, and boost company morale. As a Corporate Event Planner I have planned over 80 corporate events so trust me when I tell you there is a science to this and I would love to share it with you!


Here are the 10 most important steps necessary to plan a successful company holiday party:


STEP #1: Define the event type

STEP #2: Select a date and time

STEP #3: Create a guest list

STEP #4: Hire an Event Planner – if you haven’t done so during steps 1-3

STEP #5: Send out invitations

STEP #6: Select a theme and entertainment

STEP #7: Hire the rest of your vendors – bartending, dessert station, cake, photographers, videographers, etc.

STEP #8: Determine your alcohol plan – open bar vs. cash vs. hosted

STEP #9: Decide on a gift, giveaway/raffle, or favors/swag bags for your guests

STEP #10: Recognize your employees


The most important of all steps is STEP #10 – Holiday parties are employee appreciation parties! This is a in the last quarter of the year where you celebrate the company’s success and those who have contributed to that success.

Holiday parties are amazing for bringing all of the staff together to celebrate your company’s success! If you follow these important steps and tasks you’re off to a great start.

A major objective for my team while planning company events is causing a major boost in the morale. We attribute this to working closely with our clients by partnering with them to ensure success to meet their bottom line. We aim to foster a sense of pride and comradery in every person no matter how large or small the company. As a corporate event planner, it is my responsibility to ensure that employees are able to have a great time with another and leave with a new sense of purpose and growth within the company, all by producing a company holiday party.

Interested in having our team plan your next company holiday party or corporate event, please email nicole@dreamsindetail.com– our response time is within 24 hours.


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