ADVICE FROM Celebrity Wedding Planners Los Angeles CA



It is extremely important to make celebs feel secure – this can involve having detailed security, having a helicopter make sure that paparazzi does not fly above, tent off the space, have decoy cars, and establish a “no-phones” or “unplugged” policy so that vendors and guests keep everyone’s activities private.


Creating the appropriate vibe.

It’s so tempting to grasp every idea from Pinterest, but it’s even better to pick at your own creative mind for personalized ideas. Depending on the vibe you’re going for, you’ll definitely need to decide emotionally how you want your guest to feel during the event.


Guest List.

Creating a formal guest list is very crucial because you’ll need to know exactly who you would like to have at your event and it’s important to leave out all acquaintances. HINT, it’s good to invite more than enough guest because about 40% (more or less) won’t show up. As a Celebrity Wedding Planners Los Angeles CA, it is important to note that celebs and celeb guest shave ever-changing schedules so account for last minute additions or subtractions.


Save the Dates & Invites.

Sending out formal invites is very important because you’ll know exactly how many guest are attending your event. Save the dates aren’t just for weddings, it’s a great tactic for social events because you’ll be able to notify your guest in advance.



Creating appropriate décor and instagrammable moments is very important for your celeb event. Having focal points in your venue is an option instead of just sticking to one specific area for guest to take photos (i.e photo booth area).  It’ll grasp your guest attention throughout the entire venue. Second, less seating areas the better because it will create a more mix and mingle vibe. Third, professional lighting will set the tone and mood of the fiesta!



Music is everything! It sets the tone for the entire night. It can either make or break your special night if the music isn’t right! Opting for an experienced DJ will be absolutely lucrative because he/she knows how to read the crowd and will keep the guest engaged during the entire event.


Time to clean up!

After throwing a phenomenal celebrity event, now it’s time to clean up! The best option is to hire professional clean up crew to gather up all of the trash that’s left behind at the end of the night and also any party rentals, it’s best to discuss with the vendors prior to gather all rentals towards the end of the night.