celebrity wedding planners los angeles

celebrity wedding planners los angeles

celebrity wedding planners los angeles

celebrity wedding planners los angeles

celebrity wedding planners los angeles

celebrity wedding planners los angeles


Having tall flower centerpieces adds a lot of height and dimension to your décor and it creates a more dramatic effect to the mood of your wedding style. Adding flowers on the back of chairs, in your ceremony area and perhaps a flower wall. Nothing is left uncovered; every element of your wedding can be added with flowers.


Professional lighting.

It’ll totally grasp your guest attention and will set the appropriate mood for your wedding. By adding colored up lighting against draping, monogram projection to the dance floor and even pin spotting to illuminate the centerpieces.


Musical Entertainment.

Often time celebrities will hire a 10-piece orchestra for the ceremony or a full band along side with a DJ for their lavish wedding. This adds luxury and will keep your guest well entertained.


Hire professional wedding planner.

Want the best for your wedding day and for all of your celebrity visions to come true? Hire a professional wedding planner with the proper knowledge and will make sure all of your needs are met.


Dress change.

Aside from the fabulous décor that will for sure wow your guest, the ultimate centerpiece of the day will be the Bride’s wedding dress. Starting the special day with a beautiful over the top traditional wedding gown. To finishing the night with a fun party dress that’ll be easier to move around in for the rest of the night. It’s a great reveal to the wedding guest, and it’s totally celeb like!


Dramatic entrance & exit.

Whether it’s riding into your wedding on a gondola or a horse and carriage It will definitely wow your guest and it’ll be a moment to remember for everyone. For your big exit you can even fly away to happily ever after in a nice helicopter or run hand in hand through a line of glittery sparklers.


Wedding Favors.

Leaving the guest with a lasting memorable impression with personalized bottle of champagne and gourmet treats with definitely do the trick.


Keeping the party going!

Once the wedding is over continue the fiesta with an after party. This can take place at a small lounge with close friends and family, mini treats, after dinner cocktails, minimal simplistic décor for a more intimate vibe and with background club music to stretch out the evening.