Wisteria Trees for weddings and events in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, and Las Vegas

Wisteria Trees for weddings and events in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, and Las Vegas

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If you are unsure how to incorporate wisteria trees in your event design, when you order them from us, we offer free design services, to help create your floor plan and layout of where to optimally display our trees. We are happy to collaborate with your existing designer as well to ensure the most beautiful set up possible.

Here are 5 ways to display the wisteria trees at your ceremony:

#1: Have 4 wisteria trees line up at the alter (two in the back, and two on the sides). This look will be absolutely gorgeous in photos and is a major statement piece. Guests will be looking at the bride and groom the entire ceremony, so that is a great use of space for the trees as they will not be missed. In fact, be prepared for your guests to fawn over the trees. After your ceremony, it is a MUST to take family photos in front of the trees near the altar.

#2: To decorate the welcome station as guests enter to the ceremony – guests can be welcomed through an entrance of wisteria trees before they take their seats for the wedding.

#3: To line the entire aisle way from beginning to end! We suggest 6-8 trees to line the aisles, and for smaller weddings 4 will work. This creates the ceremony aisle, and makes for the most jaw dropping photos possible. As the bride walks down an aisle of blossoming trees, it will add to the most whimsical and enchanting walk of her life.

At the aisle & at the altar

#4: At the very back of the aisle… This is perfectly places for your entrance to the aisle, as a focal point for guests to fawn over, an amazing way to begin the aisle, aesthetically looks very cohesive with the ceremony set up. Guests can also have the opportunity to take photos in front of the wisteria trees as a selfie station! An amazing way for guests to share your wedding hashtag.

#5: One large wisteria tree at the very middle of the alter. This tree will serve as a backdrop to the ceremony, and will serve as a statement piece. Family can take photos after the ceremony with the trees, as that is usually where family photos are taken after the wedding.


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