Hi loves! We are excited to share a corporate event we planned for an entertainment company, Dakota Films. Based in Los Angles, our corporate event planners are heavily experienced planning lavish events and themed parties for Hollywood’s best.

When we plan corporate events for Hollywood, we have to think OUTSIDE OF THE BOX. It’s safe to assume that the guests at these corporate events go to industry parties and a number of entertaining events per year. To truly stand out from the rest we must remember to do something never before seen. Here are 5 creative ideas that add an instant WOW factor to corporate events and will leave a lasting impression:

  1. Graffiti artist to create a giant participation mural for guests to contribute to
  2. Interactive saxophonist to play off of the DJ, who will walk through the crowd playing the same song the DJ is mixing
  3. Professional candy artist to make and build candies for guests in front of them
  4. Celebrity speakers, comedian or performers
  5. Amazing over the top entertaining bartender


For Dakota Pictures we had several famous actors in attendance, and one of the elements we chose was an amazing bartender! The drinks were different, they were an experience in itself, and everything decorative was edible. The bartender was basically a sorcerer and guests sat back and watched in awe as he mixed a multitude of specialty drinks at once – creating never before mixed creations and they were an absolute hit!

The theme of this event was a “Gentlemen’s Party” – to celebrate Dakota Films and Troy Miller’s (owner) business anniversary. We transformed their back patio and had a number of items to create the ultimate Gentlemen’s party:

  1. Cigar + Whiskey Bar
  2. All black chairs, seat covers, linen, and centerpieces
  3. Sleek Invitations, with a pin included to wear to the event
  4. DJ setting the mood playing Frank Sinatra
  5. Filet Mignon bar, freshly grilled in front of guests, for them to indulge in buffet style throughout the night

Please check out some amazing photos from that night: