Today we are spotlighting NYX COSMETICS! Thank you for choosing my team and I to be your Corporate Event Planners.

It is such an honor to work with some of the most renowned brands in the United States. One amazing brand we have the pleasure of working with is NYX COSMETICS, as you know. We planned their holiday party for them and the sense of joy in the office made the event that much more rewarding. Their headquarters is located in El Segundo and after a walk through of the office I fell in love. It is absolutely gorgeous!

Companies who take the time to hire our team to make memories for their business are being very proactive in the retainment of employees. Our #1 goal is to raise employee morale, as that will lead to the company hitting their major goals as a team.

We create themed events and celebrations for NYX. One year we planned a St. Patricks day lunch party! NYX’s aesthetic is similar to our taste so we had a wonderful time designing this space for an event.

Below I have shared photos of the lunch space that we designed for NYX – as you can see, there is a beautiful canvas for us to work with already.