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Here are some amazing facts for your cherry blossom crazed people out there.. I am with you! I love how beautiful and whimsical they are..they seriously transport you into an absolute dream.

#1: REAL cherry blossom tree petals are edible! Some even add salt to them or add them to treats like cookies!

#2: Cherry blossoms are Japan’s national flower! Although they are seen in other parts of the world and I personally adore them during springtime in Paris, they are Japans national flower. Side fact — Japan gifted some cherry blossom trees to the U.S.!

#3: Spring is their blooming season of course, but more specifically, their peak bloom varies but is typically around April 4th! The blooming period can last around 14 days.

#4: One of the major cities in the U.S. that is home to cherry blossom trees is Washington, D.C.!

#5: Cherry blossom trees come in all different sizes, but they mainly are large! Some grow to 75 feet tall!

#6: Cherry blossom are not always pink! Some are white!

#7: Sadly cherry blossom season typically lasts around a month. BUT, they can live to 40 years, thankfully! [By renting our event trees, you can savor them all year long, or at least for the duration of your event haha]

#8: Blooming predictions can not be made too far in advance — most of the time it is best to wait until march!


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