Hi loves!

OK, so I’m going to brag a little bit about my team because I am so proud of them year after year.

You know that look you give your husband when it is time to go at their in-laws house? Or the “eyes” you make at your sister and you instantly understand what she is thinking? THAT IS MY TEAM.

Oh, I should introduce myself, since this may be the first blog you are reading of mine. I’m Nicole Harris, the owner of Dreams In Detail, thanks for stopping by! Back to my team… they are amazing. I am so thankful to be able to “kill it!” at every event and get raving reviews about our team and the way they care and go above and beyond for clients.

I wanted to share some photos of our team in action. If interested in seeing more team videos, please check out my Instagram @by_nicoleharris, and you will find stories in my highlights, labeled “TEAM” – this is where you will see us in action!

Our team is full of highly savvy and sophisticated event planners, specializing in weddings, social events and corporate functions. The way we plan for corporate functions is different that the other events because we work as a “partner” with the company.

Our team’s aesthetic sensibility fused with strong logistics mind frame result in producing successful, seamless and stunning events. Our team has over 15 years of experience in the corporate, wedding, special event and hospitality industries. The Dreams In Detail team is highly educated in hospitality, events, and many hold Bachelor of Arts, Sciences, and Masters degrees. Offering a fresh and positive approach to event planning, our team ensures that the full potential of her client’s visions come to fruition while keeping up with trends, tech, and customs.


Thanks for reading loves! Our team can’t wait to meet you!


Please check out our team in action below: