Below are some of my favorite affordable centerpieces for corporate holiday parties! I want to share this information with you because it is imperative to dress the table. If you have a big or small budget there is a centerpiece below that should work for you to cost costs while still looking beautiful and elegant.

Centerpieces can be florals, candy, bulbs, or even edible dessert centerpieces! There are so many options to choose from. I hope the photos below inspire you to think outside of the box this year while planning your next holiday centerpiece.

Have extra vases from past events? Add some bulbs in there and that’s an instant centerpiece! As a corporate event planner, I help every client find the centerpiece, décor, and holiday props they desire within the given budget. Over the years I have been more and more creative on how I can stretch the budget and it totally starts with the look and design of the event – centerpieces that would typically cost $150+ per centerpiece to construct and display have been cut by 75% in some cases – it just involves a bit more DIY. Enjoy the photos love! Tutorials will be posted via Youtube shortly on how to construct them! See you there!

Oh and if you were wondering about pricing… the centerpiece below has a price point of $20 per centerpiece! Happy Planning!