Hi loves! Planning a wedding is often the first-time couples oversee a large, dynamic event with many moving pieces – and it is highly likely that it is their first time collaborating with several vendors, contracts and negotiations. I would love to give some quick tips and insight to those who are new to wedding planning with 6 basic tips that I swear by when dealing with each vendor:


  • TIP #1: Get everything in writing.It allows multiple eyes to look at the same information (Bride, Groom, MOB, Planner, etc.), serves as a reference for future changes or discrepancies, and solidifies the deal. It truly helps decipher any potential confusion, especially when it is time to submit payment.
  • TIP #2: Sign the agreement/contract.This is so important! Most wedding professionals will have contract/agreement ready. If not, create a simple one that state the terms of your agreement and sign it so that you’re covered. You and the wedding professional you should sign and date the contract for legitimacy.
  • TIP #3: Read, read, read! Please review the entire contract before closing the deal and paying.There are a lot of words, tons of fine print, and there may be some vague vocabulary – make sure clarity is provided to any of the information you do not totally understand BEFORE signing and paying. It is important to pay attention to the payment details like the deposit and cancellation terms and conditional. It is key to make sure that the contract list exactly what the wedding professional will provide.
  • TIP #4: Check for basic details that should be listed on the contract. The wedding date, time, location, price, etc. should be correct and as discussed. It is important to check the details of the vendor’s dress code as well – if you are having a black tie wedding you may want to ensure that your professionals are dressed accordingly – or at least know their attire so that you are not surprised on the wedding day.


  • TIP #5:Check for overtime fees. The contract should list overtime fees – some vendors like catering staff, bartenders, and the band/DJ may list overtime fees, so it important to view the fees so you are aware of the bill you could receive after your wedding should you decide to go over.
  • TIP #6: Ask for references.All vendors should be more than willing to provide references when asked. Ideally, the couples listed as references should be couples who have worked with the professional within the last year and a half or so. If a vendor refuses to provide references, then that is an instant red flag. Wedding professionals should be more than willing to provide references. If they do not provide them then I highly recommend reevaluating booking their services – it is best to walk away at that point.

Listen up loves, finding wedding vendors can make or break your wedding and will play a huge role in your stress or lack thereof. Keep these tips in mind when booking wedding professionals and it will ensure a much smoother process.