Dog’s are a man’s best friend and that couldn’t be truer. So, why not include your furry friend on your special day?  They are like family to us!

Having pets be a part of our wedding has become a popular trend. The opportunities are endless and can range from being a greeter to a groomsman/bridesmaid. However, the most common role is to have them as a ring bearer. There’s nothing cuter than seeing a dog walk down the aisle, winning your guests attention while wearing a bow tie and ring tied to its collar. If that isn’t the most adorable sight, then I don’t know what is.


If you do decide to have your pup play this role in your wedding, there are some key points to remember. Keep these tips in mind, so that your ceremony runs smoothly:


  • Burn a little energy before the wedding: You don’t want your dog running down the aisle and not able to sit still during your ceremony. That can cause a distraction and we still want all the focus on you and your husband while you say your “ I Do’s”. To prepare for this, have someone play fetch or take them on a walk to release that extra energy.
  • Don’t use the real ring, use a faux one: Don’t take the risk and have your dog walk down the aisle with the real ring. Anything can happen! Instead, give your dog a decoy and have the groom carry the real one.Better to be safe than sorry.
  • Place the rings where your pup won’t get distracted: Even though you’ll be using faux rings, dogs can be easily distracted. Whether it’s food or something else dangling in front of them, most dogs will want to play with whatever is in their sight. We recommend tying the rings where the dog can’t see them like behind their head on their collar.
  • The outfit says it all: Have fun and be creative with this! If your dog is comfortable wearing an outfit, dress them up with a bow tie, tux or veil…honestly the list goes on.
  • Find a pet sitter: Appoint one of your bridesmaids or groomsmen to guide your pup down the aisle and watch over them for the remainder of the wedding festivities. Also, try and choose someone the dog is most comfortable with. You’ll be so busy that the last thing you want is to have your dog lost or running around by themselves at the venue.


All dogs may not be may not be ready for this responsibility, so please keep in mind the temperament of your dog beforehand. If he/she isn’t ready for this role, then they could always step in for photos after the ceremony or even separately for your engagement photos! There are always other ways to incorporate your pup in your special day.


Now that you’re prepared and ready, go have an amazing wedding with your furry friend by your side!