Hello Kings and Queens!


Today let’s chat about VENDORS!  Now, we all know that weddings can be a bit stressful. I have a few tips to share with you! Here are a few questions to ask every vendor before you sign that contract. It is extremely important to get all of the details from your potential vendors. WHY?So that you are happy and stress free! Don’t forgetto edit your list of vendors! You want to narrow down your list and be sure you will have a great team by your side. Select your two favorites and go for it. This will help you stay organized. Everything is just easier that way. When booking vendors try to book them early, so that they are available to you on your special day.  I won’t go on and on…but I think you will enjoy this information I am about to share with you.


What is your cancellation policy?Very important! Anything can happen and it’s best to know this before hand so there are no surprises!


How much is the deposit and is it refundable? When is it due? Don’t forget to document all of the payments required. If you need extra help, I would suggest hiring a wedding planner or day-of-coordinator. You need to know when the deposit is due so that you are ahead of the game.  This will lock you in and you won’t have to stress over it.


Are there any travel fees? Let’s say you are planning a destination wedding and you plan on hiring an out of town vendor. That might cost you! Be sure to ask all about the extra fees.


Do you have a portfolio?  It’s great to have a visual, when planning a wedding. Checking out the portfolios of the photographer, cake designer, florist WILL HELP YOU CREATE YOUR VISION.


What happens in case of an emergency and you are not available? What is the plan B and plan C? You want multiple options to ensure your wedding day will still go on without any issues. Be sure to get all of there contact info.


Have you worked at my venue before? This is a great question simply because the vendor is already familiar with the location. This also shows that the vendor has some experience. Heck! Ask for a few references!


Are you available on my wedding day? I know this question seems ridiculous but it’s always good to triple check. If you are really curious you could also ask if there will be any other events going on the same day. You want the vendors to be available to you on your day.


Will you be on site? The vendors don’t necessarily have to be present but it’s always nice if they have a team to stay and make sure everything is PERFECT!


Do you have liability insurance? All vendors should have some form of liability insurance. Accidents do happen and you don’t want to be financially responsible. Try to check out details on wedding insurance.


Is gratuity included?Gratuity is not always added. Tip your vendors! It’s just a nice gesture.


I hope these questions will help you select the perfect vendors. Don’t be afraid to meet with each vendor. It is always good to see what kind of vibe they give off. Have fun with this and just BREATHE. Good Luck and Best wishes!